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Record weight

You can record the weight measured several times a day. After measuring the weight recorded immediately. It is important to keep a record anyway.


Looking at the value recorded

You can see the weight was recorded from different angles.
To see the changes you see a line chart of the weight change. To see the numbers to see a list of the total. And if you want to see the road to reach the goal, to do is look at the statistics.

WeightRecorder-ChartE.png     WeightRecorder-ListE.png     WeightRecorder-StaticticsE.png


Action based on the analysis cause. What should I tell you I see the problem coming.


Weight management to measure several times a day

Such scenes to see the changes in body weight before and after exercise is exercise several times a day. In a limited number of measurements recorded body weight per day is not. After the measurement has to be registered immediately.



Dropbox support (SDK is used) and to the accumulated information can be out on Dorobox. Csv format so the information is retrieved, PC can be captured and processed in a spreadsheet.
If used as a backup feature, iPhone is a disaster relief as well.

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Charts can display up to 1 year

The line chart displays the information stored. Day, week, month, 3 months, 6 months, one year can be displayed. To see the changes in body weight of short-term support to both want to see long-term trends in body weight.

WeightRecorder-Chart_day.png WeightRecorder-Chart_week.png WeightRecorder-Chart_month.png