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Record weight

Record the weight was measured in the morning and evening. Of course, the only morning can be measured only at night.
It is important to keep a record anyway.

Looking at the value recorded

Look from various angles to the body weight was recorded.
To see the changes see line chart of weight change.To see a list of the numbers look a whole.
And, if you want to see the way to the funnel, I should look at the statistics.

WeightCalendar-ChartE.png(95088 byte)     WeightCalendar-ListE.png(199893 byte)     WeightCalendar-StaticticsE.png(136018 byte)


Take action based on the analysis results.What do I know whether I'll see problems.



Touch the date on the calendar, the information can be seen that day.
In addition, the date on the calendar have been recorded since the weight is marked, record leak at a glance.

WeightCalendar-CalendarE.png(198345 byte)

Dropbox support (SDK is used) and to the accumulated information can be out on Dorobox. Csv format so the information is retrieved, PC can be captured and processed in a spreadsheet.
If used as a backup feature, iPhone is a disaster relief as well.

WorksWithDropbox_white.png(48345 byte)

Charts can display up to 1 year

The line chart displays the information stored. 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, one year can be displayed.
To see a short-term weight change, to see if the trend for both long-term weight.

1month.png(30026 byte) 3month.png(35956 byte) 1month.png(30026 byte) 1year.png(47179 byte)